Here's just a small sampling of the natural treasures we've helped preserve over the years.


The team is formed and our first chassis is fabricated.  Parts are collected, but unable to be mounted as a result of missing hardware.  The car is allowed to be stored in the loading bay of the engineering school while further work is done on the chassis and the team travels further into its development.



The first year in which we were able to have a rolling chassis as a result of steering and suspension focused senior design teams.  The suspension team fabricated uprights, control arms, and push-rods to allow the car to rest (and later drive) comfortably on its previously collected Hoosier racing slicks and Keizer wheels.  Tanner Racing G2 shocks and 150 lb/in. springs were purchased to finalize the design and allow us to begin taking it to shows such as Nu Conceptz, Mach V Charity, Richmond, and Great Falls Cars & Coffee meets.



The car can now drive on its own power as a result of a drivetrain, paddle shifting, and pedal box senior design team while simultaneously completing and flow-testing body and aero designs.  The car took its first steps at the 2015 Senior Design Expo outside the VCU Siegel Center in front of Richmond citizens, students, and professors.



The car is able to be driven at a racing pace in VMSC autocrosses with the help of some push starts and single gear driving. An early decision is made to focus on team foundation building and sponsorship appeal in order to improve longevity for coming years. Efforts were also put in place to improve team membership quality by creating new tasks and allowing new members to more easily ease their way into the team, resulting in a retention rate of over 50%.


This year we are aggressively working towards building a chassis for the next car. We are also focusing on the drivetrain, powertrain and steering. Since most of the officers are seniors we are focusing on growing the team for the future of this organization. Our primary goal is to have a rolling chassis by the end of spring 2018.