What is Formula SAE

Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) is a intercollegiate competition to design and market a Formula one style car. The competition is split into 2 separate events, Static and Dynamic. Dynamic events are events the car actually gets to run in where as in the static events anyone can participate even if their car did not pass inspection or other car requirements haven’t been met. The Dynamic events consist of 3 short events and an endurance race. The static events are marketing, and trying to sell the car (Shark Tank Style),  analysis of expenditure of the car and the discussing the engineering focus of the design. All these events together form a competition which excites all disciplines of students who are automotive enthusiasts

What We've Achieved So Far

  • Founded a self sustaining team: Fall '16
  • Built our first "Prototype" Car: Spring '17
  • Attended Lincoln, NE competition: Summer '17